Electric Stem Separator
Electric device for removing the stems from tobacco leaves. Readdy to use - just plug it in . 
Weight: 2,50 kg
S100                !!! NEW !!!
Machine for cutting herbs, leaves and tobacco, Cutting diameter: 0.8 mm, Casing made of stainless steel. Stainless ...
Weight: 2 kg
RS 120
This is the RS120  . We did a lot of tests and I can promise ...
Weight: 5 kg
B 1,2 mm
The device is made for the needs of domestic tobacco growers. Cutting rollers made of stainless ...
Weight: 1,80 kg
MAGIC CUT - 1,0 mm
  ’Magic Cut’’ in a blister pack. The instruction of producing manual is in 6 languages ...
Weight: 0,60 kg
RS100 PLUS 0.8mm The latest version of your favorite machine . Now we equipped it with ...
Weight: 2 kg
G100 - 1 mm hand cutting machine
“G 100” 1 mm Ergonomic cutting roller with a length of 10 cm and anti-roll ...
Weight: 2 kg
GS8 1.3mm
This is half professional, electric machine which cuts herbs into strips. The whole enclosed solid casing ...
Weight: 10 kg
Magic Aroma  CML  50ml
Tobacco aroma Magic Aroma is a product that gives your tobacco a completely new flavor.Even if ...
Weight: 0,10 kg
RS100 0.8mm The latest version of your favorite machine . Equipped with feet, which solidly mount the ...
Weight: 2 kg
Filter Cigarette Tubes KORONA Slim 1000 PCS + GRATIS Cigarette Tube Machine.
Boxes of 1000 tubes KORONA SLIM + GRATIS Cigarette Tube Machine. Hemp paper. Simply fill them with ...
Weight: 0,10 kg
RS100 strengthened Bronze sleeves
Set of 4 sliding sleeves. New slides, reinforced made of bronze. Much stronger than the standard ...
Weight: 0,10 kg
M10 - hand cutting 1mm
 M10 is your best choice when it comes to herb/leaf cutting machines for home use. ...
Weight: 0,55 kg
T160 - hand cutting 1mm machine
Professional manual machine for cutting tobacco and herbs. With proper use, you cut easily several hundred ...
Weight: 2,20 kg
MAGIC CUT - 0,8 mm
Magic Cut - Your favorite handmachine  in very special price  - 13.90 €!!!   Magic Cut in ...
Weight: 0,60 kg
10 x RS100 0.8mm
10x RS100 0.8mm Package of 10 machines at a sensational price. If you want to buy ...
Weight: 20 kg
10 x M08
10x RS100 0.8mm Package of 10 machines at a sensational price. If you want to buy ...
Weight: 5,50 kg
Magic Aroma  Tobacco 50ml
Tobacco aroma Magic Aroma is a product that gives your tobacco a completely new flavor.Even if ...
Weight: 0 kg
Machine for cutting herbs, leaves and tobacco This is our "PLUS " version equipped with sealed ...
Weight: 2 kg
T100 - 1 mm hand cutting machine
”T100” Hand machine cutting tobacco and herbs. Professional hand machine for tobacco and herbs. Made ...
Weight: 1,20 kg


M08 machine best price 13,9 €
Its small , cheap but efficient . Only 13,9 € for M08 + we can deliver it within 2 days . If You want to start Your adventure with Your own cigarettes this machine is just  perfect . 
Large tobacco cutters up to 1500 kg/h
If You are interested with some bigger machines - please write me info@tobaccoandmachines.com . We have large stock with proffesional and industrial machines . Need to cut 1500 kg /h - no problem . If You are looking fo shisha machine - we have these as well . 
S100 0.8mm only 55 €
SALE !!! SALE !!! SALE !!! SALE !!! SALE !!! SALE !!! SALE !!! SALE !!! SALE !!! SALE !!! SALE !!!

Only now S100 in superb price - only 55 € We have the lowest price - also ask for cheaper shipping. Just write me an email: enter the exact address and I find the cheapest delivery method . info@tobaccoandmachines.com
C.O.D. - Cash On Delivery
We introduce a new possibility of payment. COD - cash on delivery - if you are interested email me info@tobaccoandmachines.com and I'll check the cost of delivery to your address. 
Guillotine LIMITED EDITION set
Now its available as a LIMITED set .  Any questions feel free to ask info@tobaccoandmachines.com
Its here !!! New guillotine type tobacco cutter with 0.2 to 0.9 mm adjustement . Any questions - feel free to ask info@tobaccoandmachines.com
B1.2 new design
This is the latest version of B series machine 1.2 mm  . Clamp is included , great machine and it cost only 60 € now . 
Gs8 small test
This is a small test of NEW GS8 machine .">http://
New Powermatic S 0,8mm soon available
Its here - New powermatic S - now we testing it and soon it will be available . Any questions - feel free to ask info@tobaccoandmachines.com
New electric machine
This is new GS8 - cheapest electric machine in our range. Powerful motor, very quiet operation, thickness of about 1.3mm.
If you are looking for a good machine equipped with sealed bearings - S100 PLUS is made for You. With the affordable price of 90 € is the cheapest offer on the market. What are You waiting for ? Buy one and enjoy !
Do you like our site? together with the order you will receive a gift
RS120 0,8 mm
I get a lot of questions - how much can be cut with RS120? If the tobacco has the appropriate moisture content of about 15 - 19% Machine may cut about 3 kg in 2.5 hours. Of course, with an electric screwdriver. Please note not to exceed 200 rpm. The machine is available on request - please write to me info@tobaccoandmachines.com
The latest RS120 machine is finally here !!! Hard as a rock , 5 kg of pure steel , best engineering , bearings ... and all this for only 175€ . Interested ? Email me info@tobaccoandmachines.com
New S100 machine is here
New S100 machine is here - available in superb price 80 € and thats not all - You can get a free  Magic aroma in any taste . How to do it ? Just like and share this post on our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tobaccoandmachines/ . Please dont forget to email me about Your favorite taste . info@tobaccoandmachines.com 
Electric Mid rib remover
Now You can easy prepare Your leafs to cut . Its readdy to use - just plug into the socket . 
FRESH CHOICE - Make Your Own Cigarette
Now you can enjoy fresher, all-natural cigarettes at home! With the push of a button you can make your own cigarettes. This Electric Cigarette Machine is simple, easy, and reliable.
Hand separator in action
New Hand midrib remover
We have it - its only 35€ and its perfect for home users . Easy way to get rid of stamp .
New Midrib Remover
Manual separation of the stem of the leaf takes a lot of time. With our new machine only a few moments. See how well copes with leaves.">http://
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