Tobacco Leaves

All leaves are from Poland, best quality straight from Farmers from our homeland.
We have in our offer Virginia,Burley and Kentucky in grades 1-3 leaves and strips form.
Tobacco leaves may be sold only to business entities, registered companies.
Wholesale pricing on a case-by-case basis, enquiries are deal with via e-mail or phone.
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Virginia Tobacco (Bright Leaf)
The most popular choice of tobacco leaf used today. Virginia accounts for 60% of the world’s tobacco usage. Virginia is a very light golden colored, flue-cured, mild tobacco leaf, which has a naturally high sugar content. Because Virginia has a low Tar content it also burns well so makes a good accelerator for pipe tobacco's but if used on its own in a fine cut can burn hot.
Burley is the second most popular tobacco and makes an excellent blending tobacco. Burley is a light brown, air cured tobacco with a much lower sugar content than Virginia. It gives a much drier and fuller aroma than Virginia and has a slower burn rate making it a cooler smoke. Burley has not got a distinct flavor but can easily take on flavor.
Tobacco is prepared especially for shisha production
Tobacco leaves are dried in barns above wood fires, which provides a distinctive Smokey flavor that is low in sugar and high in nicotine.
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