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Curing Chamber
Weight: 30 kg
Kiln Fermenting
 This is perfect machine for all home users . Easiest way to prepare Your fresh leafs , just put them inside plastic bags ( 6 pcs free ) or glass jar.- set temperature at 55"C - place humidity sensor into one bag and try to keep 75% humidity . If its too high open bag and let tobacco breath till humidity fall down.   After 3-4 days take  tobacco out , open bags or jar and let it breathe for 1 hour . Than put it back to Kiln . repeat this operation and after about 4 weeks you will have perfect tobacco.  Remember :  Do not put fresh  leafs without plastic bags or glass jar . Machine will help to keep  temperature at 55"C ( best for fermentation) . We suggest to check humidity that should be around 75% during process .
Its made with thermal MDF plate . Thermal insulation : polystyrene (2cm) . Thick aluminum foil as a insulation screen . Hygrometer with thermometer to achieve perfect humidity and temperature .Heating uses super safe and efficient in operation carbon foil . Heating power of 175 watts.is more than enough and there is a temperature controller . Radiator is made with 6mm thick glass resulting the fermenter heats up slowly but cools even more slowly, saving electricity. .
 Dimensions : H 50cm D42 cm W 65cm       Capacity for around 5 kg of tobacco .