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RS120 Shisha
Weight: 5 kg
This is the RS120 5mm for Shisha tobacco . Machine is equipped with sealed NSK bearings so its safe to use with electric drive . If you want to use manually - no problem machine is high, and you can freely rotate the crank on the table .
Its equipped with feet, which solidly mount the machine to any surface .
In order not to litter around we installed chute. It greatly improves the comfort and directs cut tobacco exactly where you want it.
Ergonomic cutting roller with a length of 12 cm and anti-roll system. Only our cutting rollers are made from the highest quality hardened steel,
which is the best, most expensive, the most challenging to work steel,characterized by extraordinarily resistance to damage.
Adjustable combs made of stainless steel.
Heavy-duty rack suitable for mechanical drive.
Rollers are 32mm diameter , that make thm much more rigid when the tobacco leafs folds over 3 or 4 times when passing thru .
Tobacco need to be processed at least 2 times to get propper shape for shisha .
We have constant access to spare parts.