1.1 Tobaccoandmachine, an on-line shop selling on the website: www.tobaccoandmachines.com, hereinafter referred to as the On-line Shop, run by "Mc¦wiat S.C." having its registered office in Biłgoraj, at ul. 3 Maja 51/74a, NIP [VAT ID] 9182160546, REGON [Business Registry No]: 061343209
The shop’s e-mail address: info@tobaccoandmachines.com, hereinafter referred to as the Seller / Shop.

1.2 Only a legal person or a physical person aged no less than 18 may be a purchaser of machines in the on-line shop www.tobaccoandmachines.com. Only registered companies will be provided with tobacco leaves.

1.3 The advertisement of products on the website does not constitute a contractual offer (within the meaning of the Civil Code), but provides information on products.
1.4 All product prices on the said site are in euro and VAT inclusive. Shipping fees are not included in the prices. The Shop reserves the right to change prices of offered products.
1.5 By placing an order on www.tobaccoandmachines.com, the Customer accepts sales policies stipulated in the below Terms and Conditions and agrees to adhere to the rules provided for therein.

2. Order placement and delivery

2.1 For an order to be processed, the Customer must fill in the order form properly. The form is available on clicking the “Order” button next to each item on www.tobaccoandmachines.com.
2.2 An order form that has not been filled in properly, or when its content is incomprehensible, may not be considered for processing.

2.3 The receipt of each order will be confirmed by sending an auto-response message. Only confirmed orders will be processed. If it is not possible to confirm an order through the fault of the Customer (incorrect e-mail in the register form or incorrect phone number), the placed order will be cancelled within 24 hours and the Customer data contained therein will be deleted from the shop’s data base.
2.4 The Customer will be notified if a given product (or its component) is not available, whereupon it will instruct us on how to proceed with the order.

2.5 Should circumstances as specified under 2.4 arise, the Customer may:
a) agree to a delivery of a part of the order
b) agree to wait as long as required for delivery of the complete order;
c) cancel the order;

2.6 The purchased products will be delivered to an address specified in the order form. If the products are to be delivered to an address different from the one stated in the order form, the Customer must notify the Seller thereof as soon as the order is confirmed, sending the details of the delivery address at info@tobaccoandmachines.com.
2.7 Shipment costs related to ordered product will be borne by the Customer. All shipping rates are specified in the table on www.tobaccoandmachines.com . The shipment fee will depend on the weight of ordered products.

2.8 The on-line shop www.tobaccoandmachines.com will not be held liable for non-delivery or a delayed delivery of the ordered products, being a consequence of an erroneous address specified by the Customer. The shop will not be liable for delays caused by carrier services.

3. Payments

3.1 Payment methods available on www.tobaccoandmachines.com:
- PayPal payment
- Transfer to a bank account

3.2. An order placed via www.tobaccoandmachines.com will be proceeded with, only after the Customer’s payment is credited to our account.
3.3 The Customer who refuses/fails to accept supplied products will be charged with the costs of shipping and sending back such products.

4. Complaints

4.1 Should a defect be detected, or a product be incompliant with an offered item, the Shop will accept a complaint for consideration.

4.2 If a complaint is granted, the customer will receive a replacement or will be refunded the sum he has paid.

4.3 Products that have been used or damaged may not be returned. A claimed product must be returned in the original packaging. A returned item will be accepted only if accompanied by proof of purchase (VAT invoice or receipt).
4.4 The buyer is obliged to pay the cost of returning item.

5. Personal data protection
The Shop will treat as confidential all personal data obtained in the course of its business operations. It will not disclose such data to any third parties, under any circumstances, or in any form. The Customer may review and amend its data, and also demand discontinuation of its use.
The on-line shop reserves the right to use e-mail addresses provided by customers with orders for sending new product alerts.

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