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FRESH CHOICE  - Make Your Own Cigarette
 Fresh Choice Electric Make-Your-Own Cigarette . The latest improved model " Revolution" .
Now you can enjoy fresher, all-natural cigarettes at home! With the push of a button you can make your own cigarettes. This Electric Cigarette Machine is simple, easy, and reliable. You load RYO Cigarette tobacco into your machine, add a paper tube, and press a button. In seconds, you have a cigarette. In fact, you can make a perfect pack of cigarettes in two minutes! You can use any brand of tobacco or tubes with this machine

The Electric Cigarette Machine spoon feeds a measured amount of tobacco into each tube packed to your personal preference. The good news is each cigarette is uniform - you don't need to fuss and mess with the tobacco to make a perfect cigarette. The machine is safe, reliable and makes consistently good cigarettes. It also has a dial to adjust the tightness of your cigarette- you can make a tighter smoke depending on your preference. There are lights to let you know your next step, or the next button to push. We've made it so that you don't need to think about making your cigarettes, you can think about smoking a great cigarette!