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Handy Dryers /  Evaporators
Weight: 25 kg
A dual-purpose device for thermal treatment of various types of leaves, e.g. tea, tobacco (also in crushed form - Strips).

The first home device on the market that enables steaming and drying of whole leaves and strips of e.g. tobacco, tea, herbs, etc. target humidity parameters). It only takes a moment to change the device's operating mode from drying to steaming and vice versa.

Thanks to the use of flavors and sauces dedicated to the evaporation process, it is possible to obtain unprecedented quality and taste at home.
For the further processing of leaves, e.g. tobacco, tea, herbs, we recommend our manual and electric tobacco cutters.

Technical data:

Internal dimensions of the batch container: length 59cm, width 39cm, height 21cm

Power supply: 220 ~ 230V 50-60Hz (max 2000 W)

A free-standing device for thermal treatment of leaves, eg tobacco, herbs, tea leaves, vegetables, seeds, mushrooms, etc. Powered by 220 / 230V.