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RS120 Compact Fine Cut  NEW !!!
Weight: 3 kg

New specially designed professional machine for cutting tobacco herbs and leaves, equipped with largesealed ball bearings.Ergonomic cutting roller 12 cm long with anti-skid system, material width after cutting is 0.8 mm.Only our cutting rollers are made of the highest quality  steel, which is the best, the most expensive steel, the most difficult to process, is characterized by remarkable resistance to damage.The appropriate construction of the machine allows it to be firmly attached to the ground . If You already use small electric machine rs100 you can swap your 10 cm machine for this 12cm wide - everything will fit .

The machine can be driven by hand or with a slow-rotating screwdriver, max 200 rpm.but if You do not want to crank handle ... go and get electric model of RS120

- Roller width 12 cm
- 0.8 mm cutting thickness
- A set of sealed ball bearings
- Replaceable spare parts
- Solid stainless steel construction
- Manual or automatic operation
- The weight of the machine is 3  kg
- Designed for both right or left hand use