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Magic Aroma  CML  50ml
Weight: 0,10 kg
Transform the flavor of your tobacco with Magic Aroma. With just a small amount, you'll be delighted with the taste of your homemade tobacco mix. Our convenient bottle with an atomizer allows for even distribution of the aroma on your tobacco strips, and the glycol ensures optimal moisture levels. Magic Aroma is an essential addition to your home tobacco kit that is both efficient and easy to use.

One bottle of Magic Aroma can flavor up to 8 kilograms (17.6 lbs) of tobacco.


Spread your tobacco evenly to apply the aroma
Shake the bottle well
Sprinkle the aroma onto the tobacco
Seal the tobacco container tightly
For best results, let the tobacco sit for 24 hours
Enjoy the new and improved flavor of your tobacco with Magic Aroma

If using tobacco leaves, be sure to cut them first. Before applying Magic Aroma, test it on a small portion of tobacco. Check the moisture level of your tobacco after 24 hours, and adjust drying time accordingly if too much aroma has been used.