RS 120
This is the RS120  . We did a lot of tests and I can promise ...
Weight: 5 kg
MAGIC CUT - 1,0 mm
  ’Magic Cut’’ in a blister pack. The instruction of producing manual is in 6 languages ...
Weight: 0,60 kg
Guillotine Basic
Small and light guillotine for cutting leaves and herbs. Made of materials resistant to corrosion. ...
Weight: 2 kg
T100 - 1 mm hand cutting machine
”T100” Hand machine cutting tobacco and herbs. Professional hand machine for tobacco and herbs. Made ...
Weight: 1,20 kg
Smoking cigarette case
Polished Finish with Premium Quality Stainless Steel Body smoking cigarette case Holds 14 x 80mm Sized ...
Weight: 0,30 kg
RS100 strengthened Bronze sleeves
Set of 4 sliding sleeves. New slides, reinforced made of bronze. Much stronger than the standard ...
Weight: 0,10 kg
Electric Stem Separator
Electric device for removing the stems from tobacco leaves. Readdy to use - just plug it in . 
Weight: 3 kg
Metal Cigarette Cases
Our king size cigarette cases hold regular sized filtered cigarettes. This is the most common cigarette ...
Weight: 0,30 kg
Curing Chamber
Kiln Fermenting  This is perfect machine for all home users . Easiest way to prepare Your ...
Weight: 20 kg
G100 - 1 mm hand cutting machine
“G 100” 1 mm Ergonomic cutting roller with a length of 10 cm and anti-roll ...
Weight: 2 kg
MAGIC CUT - 0,8 mm
Magic Cut - Your favorite handmachine   Magic Cut in a blister pack. The instruction of producing ...
Weight: 0,60 kg
V100 PLUS Fine Cut 0.7mm
New 0,7 mm ultra thin Machine for cutting herbs, leaves and tobacco, Great look and ...
Weight: 2 kg
Filter Cigarette Tubes KORONA Menthol Slim 500 PCS + GRATIS Cigarette Tube Machine.
Boxes of 500 Menthol tubes KORONA SLIM + GRATIS Cigarette Tube Machine. Universal, equipped with a ...
Weight: 0,10 kg
Stem Separator
Device for removing the stems from tobacco leaves.   Electric drill is not included    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6n9-CS-FS5U
Weight: 2 kg
Hand Stem Separator
Device for removing the stems from tobacco leaves. Light , strong and efficient   https://youtu.be/YZA72D7ONUI.  
Weight: 0,20 kg
New Machine for cutting herbs, leaves and tobacco, Great look and more user friendly thanks ...
Weight: 2 kg
GS8 1.3mm
This is half professional, electric machine which cuts herbs into strips. The whole enclosed solid casing ...
Weight: 10 kg
Filter Cigarette Tubes KORONA Slim 1000 PCS + GRATIS Cigarette Tube Machine.
Boxes of 1000 tubes KORONA SLIM + GRATIS Cigarette Tube Machine. Hemp paper. Simply fill them with ...
Weight: 0,10 kg
Guillotine  LIMITED EDITION set
Only now !!! Special LIMITED edition of our gilloutine . Set includes everything You need ...
Weight: 14 kg
SHISHA B50 Electric
The device is made for the needs of domestic tobacco growers. Its just perfect for ...
Weight: 3,30 kg


New MYO stuff from Smoking
Now more MYO stuff available . Best " Smoking " rolling papers and filters are here !!!
C.O.D. - Cash On Delivery
We introduce a new possibility of payment. COD - cash on delivery - if you are interested email me info@tobaccoandmachines.com and I'll check the cost of delivery to your address. 
FRESH CHOICE - Make Your Own Cigarette
Now you can enjoy fresher, all-natural cigarettes at home! With the push of a button you can make your own cigarettes. This Electric Cigarette Machine is simple, easy, and reliable.
Any ideas for Christmas gifts ?
Christmas are getting closer . If You still dont have idea for a perfect gift - we have a plenty of products to choose from .
World Tobacco Middle East 2017
Many thanks to all our Customers & Partners for visiting our Exhibition Tableduring the DUBAI WORLD TOBACCO MIDDLE EAST 2017
Stem separator PRO
New and improved stem separator. Remember That You have to get rid of main vine before cut. With Our device its clean and easy job.
Dortmund Intertabac 2017
Every Year you can visit our stand at Dortmund Intertabac exhibitions. We prepared a lot of machines for tests . Many thanks for all our visitors hope to see You next Year .
RS100 0.7 Fine Cut
RS100 FineCut 0.7mm . Best choice for rolling tobacco . Available now in our shop
G120 Electric
Serious machine and only 650 € !! Its G120 electric - 0.8mm  works realy quietly .
RS machines family
New design , sharper rollers and combs , longer handles . We improved our RS machines . Latest 0.7 FineCut is made especialy for hand rolling .
Guillotine made for domestic tobacco growers and more. It is characterized by simple, solid construction. It has its own press for crushing tobacco.
New guillotine
This is new guillotine type machine . Small , light and most important its equipped with sharp SW18 steel made blade . 
Facebook is back
Our Facebook fanpage is active !!! For all our fans we have small gifts. Just remember to click  " like " on F acebook icon on the left side of Your screen , order Your favourite machine and you will receive an additional surprise. 
Electric Stem separator PRO
G120 Electric
This machine is just great     http://www.tobaccoandmachines.com/index.php?s=produkt&id=105  .
Electric Stem Separator PRO
This is the latest model of Electric device for removing the stems from tobacco leaves.
NEW S120
NEW S120 is here !!!! Its 0.8mm . Rigid 12cm wide rollers , with huge 3cm diameter . And price ... only 165 € . great deal . For more info ask info@tobaccoandmachines.com 
Tobacco fermentation / curing chamber
This is perfect machine for all ( not only)  home users . With its help You can enjoy perfectly prepared tobacco . For more info please email info@tobaccoandmachines,com http://www.tobaccoandmachines.com/index.php?s=produkt&id=135
KORONA Slim Cigarette Tube Machine
Korona Slim Tube Filling Machine now for only 2.9 € !!!
Guillotine - Perfect gift for a real Man now price dropped to 299 € only
Guillotine - Perfect gift for a real Man now price dropped to 299 € only
The machine cuts the whole leaf with midrib - the effect is even better if the vein is removed, but we wanted to demonstrate that the machine has no problem with stems.
The leaves were prepared in the press (included in the kit) after cutting separate them in order to obtain fine strands of tobacco. Visit our page and order today. 
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